Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why the First Hunger Games is the Best, In My Opinion

Out of the trilogy, the original Hunger Games appealed to me the most. The love story and inner conflict Katniss experienced in greater depth in the following two novels just wasn't for me. While they are well written and interesting, they just weren't my cup of tea. I also believed that the conclusion of the trilogy was quite predictable, aside from certain deaths and twists. In Mockingjay, I personally believe Collins tried to do too much work with not enough text. The twists became choppy and the overall flow of the book seemed disrupted. I originally fell in love with the first novel because it was so diverse. The characters were well developed and they progressed through the book. Katniss' belief in humility in a seemingly hopeless world, the dog eat dog world that was presented, and the introduction to the Game's violence was just gripping. The other two just didn't give me that same spark of excitement. I actually loved how grim and drunk Haymith was too it was entertaining and you were never entirely sure if he was going to help Katniss and Peeta or not. I even enjoyed the ecosystem in the arena; the tracker jackers were an interesting creature and the genetically engineered beasts with fallen tribute's eyes was just the touch of evil that the Games needed. Hunger Games is most prolific, and it set the trilogy aside from other novels at the time such as Divergent or The Maze Runner.  

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