Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blog Post 5: Text and Television's Influence on Society

Text and media have the one of the highest powers to influence society. In times of crisis, news stations can make reports promoting good news rather than focus on negative things to help stabilize society. By the same measure, they have the power to report only negativity and remove hope from citizens. Recent events in Ferguson and LA can help me prove this point. When the rioting and protesting in Ferguson was occurring, media and telecasting played a big role. In the 90's during the LA riots, news stations broadcasted almost all of the fires being started, beatings occurring, and looting happening. This led to outrage and backlash across the county. A few months ago in Ferguson, there was much more footage of the aftermath and restoration of the city rather than all the bad happening. Although most of the same things happened, much less was reported and there was a lot less civil unrest.

In the Hunger Games, the publicity the games receive is for further oppression of the districts foremost, and entertainment for the people second. In The Condemned, the main purpose is entertainment, to get more views than the Super Bowl. The concept of the game is almost identical to that of the Hunger Games. The rules were manipulated and led to advantages for McStarley. Breckel is similar to the game maker, and his fate is the same, death. 

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