Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blog Post 7: Music and Tradition

Dictrict 12 is geographically comparable to Appalacia in the United States. Historically in this area tradition runs deep, and much of this tradition and spirit is kept alive in the music, folklore, and arts. One of the most prominent forms is the ballads that come from this area. Ballads are songs that tell a story, and regardless of where you are geographically songs capture values and what it's like to come from that area. The Hunger Games trilogy, particularly District 12, show the importance of music through The Valley Song, Deep in the Meadow, and The Hanging Tree. The music from Appalacia and District 12 reflect the struggle endured by the people. Deep in the Meadow is what stands out to me the most. It captures the dream of a better life, and is presented at one of the most upsetting moments, when Rue dies. Ballads come off as having a sad, soulful tone, an thats exactly what we get in this moment. The song is about a place deep in the woods, where its peaceful and all is calm. It talks about leaving worries away, and a better time and place. It represents what people of the area urge, an escape from the horror and hardship they live through every day. 

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